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Gameday Open Thread, 7/10

There was an unwavering beauty to yesterday's game, which seemed to exist outside the confines of the season. The game was like a conjugal visit where the spotted mattress fades into the background, and the automatic weapon-toting guard outside the door becomes a concierge. It was just as easy to imagine it being your 25th wedding anniversary at the Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton, instead of the trailer-time bone tossed to you while serving time for throwing your business partner out of a 3rd story window.

Both teams were diving all over the field like porpoises under grenade attack. The renaissance of Matt Morris continued, and the, uh, naissance of Brad Hennessey, should it happen, could eventually be traced back to this very start. There are times when it doesn't matter how the season is going, so long as you take a beautifully-played game like that out of context.

Note: if the Giants would have lost I would have seen none of the aforementioned beauty, preferring instead to sit on the couch, arms crossed, wondering why I couldn't have followed horse racing with the passion I have for this game.