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Gameday Open Thread, 6/3

I received an e-mail pointing me towards Rehab the Crab. It's a site dedicated to bringing back the Crazy Crab. This doesn't sit well with Lou Seal fans, who have...oh, right, no one likes the pelvis-thrusting mascot of the damned. He is a fanless seal. The Crazy Crab, who was played by the same guy as Lou Seal if I recall correctly, would be more than welcome to come back. I grew up with the googly-eyed fella.

On the site there are shirts. I just received my Barry fish shirt today, which is both nerdy and offensive. Awesome. The quality of the images on the shirts isn't so hot, but Nordstrom's just discontinued their line of Crazy Crab wear, so this is it. And well worth it, I might add.

I'd wager the proprietor is a regular here, and might be among us now. He also has the proper amount of fear and respect for Mike Krukow. If you are an active member of McCovey Chronicles, why haven't you plugged this thing before? I'm callin' you out....

Also, I've always thought the Lou Seal name was incredibly stupid. It was the winner of a contest, which saddens me. Deeply saddens me. The mascot was going to be a seal, and the contest was to name the seal. The winner was a name with only one gimmick. When you said the full name of the male mascot, it sounded like a female proper name. Wheee! Unless this was a shout out to the transgendered population of our liberal-festooned area, it was, is, and always will be, one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.