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Somewhere there is a man who was just fired for embezzling money from the children's charity where he works, and will probably be arrested when the police conduct an investigation. This man is scared to go home, not because he'll have to tell his wife about the embezzling, but because his wife discovered he had sent flowers to their cleaning lady, with whom he has been having a lengthy affair. She called him at work, and calmly informed him she was taking the kids and going to move to Rhode Island. He'd be lucky to see them again, but the bank was about to repossess his house anyways, so at least they'd have a home with her parents. He'd get a drink somewhere, but he locked his keys and wallet in his car.

So, as he walks home to an uncertain fate, he pauses by a newspaper stand. The sports page reads, "Giants Lose 16-0; Get Only One Hit". He chuckles. Man, he thinks, it would sure suck to be a Giants fan. He walks away whistling.

This is the lowest point in a decade for the Giants. There were hopes for the team in `95, but not like the hopes carried into this season.. After that season, there wasn't much hope for `96, and the team stunk accordingly. Losing to their geographical rivals in the most lopsided shutout defeat in Giant history, well, that's how things are going right now. Straight down. A pitcher starts only his second game back from an injury, is almost certainly still on a strict pitch count, and the offense only makes him throw 76 pitches through seven innings. That's all a moot point, though, as the sub-awful pitching performances by the Giants would not have allowed them any chance in the game to begin with.

If you had Brandon Puffer down as the answer, here's hoping you used a pencil. The idea Brett Tomko is going to bring anything in trade is becoming laughable. Jason Christiansen is still not good. One hit for the Giants. Twenty-four for their opponents. Embarrassing isn't a strong enough word.

Comment starter for the day: Seriously?