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Open Gameday Thread, 6/25

Okay, everyone who thought Pedro Feliz was going to get a clutch ninth-inning hit last night, raise your hand. I see one person, only one p...oh, wait, they were just asking to go to the bathroom.

That's more than a little unfair, as the Giants wouldn't have even had a shot in the ninth-inning if not for Feliz's homer. Still, when Feliz is guessing, you know it. When Feliz is wimpily protecting, you know it. Our only shot last night was a dying quail from Feliz. That could have happened, I suppose, but there were never visions of a bases-clearing double.

I wonder if it's possible to have my mail forwarded to the dank bog of pessimism I'm currently living at. I can't imagine living through a 100-loss season.

Pre-game comment starter: I waited a bit, so as not to seem hasty, but I'm pretty sure Scott "Herman" Munter is the greatest nickname ever. Not just Giants, and not just baseball either. I'm sure to forget some great ones, and I can envision a tie for the "greatest ever" title, but there can't be anything that blows "Herman" Munter out of the water.