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The Giants seemed in control for all of last night's game, and it's a wonder to have that feeling again. It almost felt like the team we were are hoping to watch from the beginning of the season. Noah Lowry was tough, but not dominant. The bullpen yielded, but did not break. There was a minor power display. The performance last night was sent from the team of our winter dreams, and it was a welcome break from the spring and summer of nuclear fallout we're presently enjoying.

Quick notes:

1) Internet-savvy Giants fans have blogs. So? Every team has a blog or forty. What sets the internet-savvy Giants fan apart are the nascent movements and causes we are obligated to support. You're all quite familiar with the plight of Mays Field, and I recently wrote about Rehab the Crab. Well, the fine folks of Rehab the Crab, in conjunction with the Crustacean Liberation Coalition (not to be confused with the miserable Coalition of Crustacean Liberators, Crustacean Coalition for Liberty, or Judean People's Front), are staging a protest in front of Mays Field, with details to be found here. Extra bonus points to those wearing some combination of Mays Field and Rehab the Crab gear.

Also, a member of RtC was interviewed on KNBR by Brian Murphy, with a link to the archived feed here. It was very nice for Dr. Stacean to take the time away from his class at S.F. State1 to do the interview.

2) As Flynn notes, Jerome Williams is back in the majors. The Hawkins trade looks even worse now than it did at the time, which is amazing given how unspeakably bad it looked at first. There is a certain schadenfreude to be had with the youngsters the Giants give away in trades. If Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano never pitched more than 15 combined big league innings, that's just fine with me in a sick, self-validating sense. Williams is immune from that line of thinking, though. He was the next great pitching hope of the Giants for years, and it is impossible to root against him because he had a bad start to the year and was hastily included in an asinine deal. He was supposed to be the inning-eating 3rd starter for the next five years, at the very least.

Good luck, Jerome.

1Comparative Interpretations of Krukow 240.