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This isn't just a Cub thing, people. The The Cub Reporter and fellow company clock-puncher Bleed Cubbie Blue are teaming up to try and get Neifi Perez in the All-Star game. This is a Giants issue, too. Go to, and write the little sucker in. Make the crazy dystopia happen, folks. I voted 25 times.

Neifi! Neifi! Neifi!

From Vizquel's yin, to Neifi's yang. The fascination that Giant fans have with Neifi is something for an enterprising anthropologist to study. He wasn't here for very long, but he's already the ghost story told to young Giants fans. The Keyser Soze, if you will. Rat on your pop, and Neifi Perez is going to bat....

My half-answer to the preoccupation is intuitive. It looked like a bad move when the Giants got him, and it turned out to be a bad move. But there has to be more to it than that. What is it about Neifi? Or is this the only corner of the Giants world that is obsessed? Is it just me? How come he never returns my calls?

That's comment starter number one. Number two posits the query: Are you more worried about Jerome Williams' struggles in AAA, or excited about Eddy Martinez-Esteve's demolition of the California League?