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Plan 9 From Sabean's Office

There is a hidden brilliance behind the trade of LaTroy Hawkins. Well, not brilliance. There is a hidden not-completely-idiotic facet to the trade of LaTroy Hawkins. By addressing the team weakness early, it gives the Giants an out. If the Giants were to turn their season around and become a contender, they have already made the trade they needed to. If the Giants stay on their current course, which is playing the Washington Generals to the National League's Harlem Globetrotters, they will have a shiny bauble to exhibit for trade as the end of July approaches.

The first possibility isn't going to happen. If you had an extra $20 lying around, and could bet on either the Giants or San Jose Sharks to win a championship in their respective sport for 2005, the smart money would be on the Sharks. With the Giants achieving terminal velocity towards the bottom of their 2005 expectations, they should be sellers at the trade deadline. The Giants aren't likely to get the same value for Hawkins as what they gave up, but they could make up some of the lost depth.

There are a couple of caveats with this idea, though.

  1. Does Brian Sabean think this awful performance by the team is a fluke, and would he prefer to keep Hawkins for the 2006 season to help with what would be a stronger team?
Who knows? Hawkins has a player option he is sure to exercise, and he would likely stick with the team he ends the season with. If Sabes thinks the main reason for the Giants struggles is the bullpen - and he has publicly lamented about his failure to address the bullpen - he'll want Hawkins around.
  1. Could Hawkins could use the clubhouse toilet without a protective paper seat cover, thus catching whatever foul plague is circulating around the Giants bullpen?

If Hawkins starts giving up runs and hits at the rate of his new peers, his value will go, in technical terms, phoooooomp, kersploosh. The Giants try to pull a major swindle, only to find the latest variety of Ty Wigginton in their inbox.

If Sabean hadn't have given up so much in the Hawkins deal, the aggressiveness would be something to applaud. Take your shot in May and June, and start dealing if it doesn't pan out. If Jerome Williams is on the Kurt Ainsworth Express to oblivion, and Sabean has an inkling that is the case, the move for Hawkins could work out to be brilliant. Well, not brilliant. You get the idea.