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Everybody Dance!

Giants fans always have a little bit of Chex mix lying around, just in case of an emergency pity party. We whine. We curse. We grumble. We're Giants fans, and it's in our blood. This causes problems with the Red Cross, but they can usually pasteurize the stuff out.

A five-game winning streak should automatically stop this mentality. Every time the Giants win five or more in a row, there is to be no disparaging of the Giants on this site. A McOratium, if you will. In order to prevent this site from becoming a parody of itself, there is a need for entries to balance out the grumbling.

Six-game winning streaks: fair game. But the nascent innocence of a five-game streak shall be kept pure. You will not see something like this:

Sure the Giants won yesterday, but Mike Matheny is still cheesing me off. I can't believe the Giants signed this guy. He just can't hit. My childhood friend asked if my preoccupation with Matheny might be related to my junior-high gym teacher, Mr. Mathenee, who used to severely beat me with a badminton racket when he caught me alone in the locker room, sending me to the hospital several times. Now, that's just an absurd leap of logic, and I take offense to the...
None of that. Instead:
So, the Giants are bringing up Jeremy Accardo to fill a relief spot. Good for them, and good for the team. Accardo doesn't have a very distinguished minor-league career, but his hot start in AA must have impressed somebody. Good luck to the newest Giant! ;)
There it is, the standard five-game winning streak post. The idea of the semi-colon smiley face is not in the bylaws as of yet, but has a good chance to stick around.

Your turn. This is the thread for ridiculous optimism, deserved or not.