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According to Jayson Stark, the news on Bonds is really, really, really bad. Bonds is immobilized, on a constant IV of antibiotics, was bitten by a king snake, and might lose the leg to gangrene. According to Brian Sabean, the news on Bonds is normal, and just as unpleasant as before. Everything's on track, nothing to see here, and if you get caught with what Stark's been smoking, you're looking at a 15 game suspension. Obviously, they can't both be right. Stark's forte is letting us know how many homeruns Darrell May has given up in May to players with wives named April, not in-depth reporting. Still, both the Giants and ESPN would both have good reasons for downplaying/sensationalizing the report. Trust no one.

But the only way to get through this season is to assume Bonds is not going to play a single game, and anything he can give us is gravy. Any other way of looking at the season will just drive you insane. What you see from the 2005 Giants is what you have to figure we're going to get. What we're getting is a team that is struggling to hit at Coors Field. Again. Each game with an offensive performance like this brings us closer to the doomsday decision of whether the team should be scattered in the wind, and traded for whatever the market will bear. We're not quite there, but if the Giants have an inkling on when Bonds is going to be back, it will help them make the decision.

Have you written Bonds off for the year? If so, is it time to start trading whatever veterans we can? It's hard to know when to give up on a season, and that decision should never be made in May, but scoring eight runs in three Colorado games gets you thinking. And sobbing. Mostly sobbing.