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We can relate to the humiliation, too....

A guy goes to a hypnotist's performance in Vegas. His friends think it would be funny to volunteer him for a crucial part of the performance. This guy is hypnotized to think he is a deer. The crowd laughs. The hypnotist wheels out a urinal from offstage, and tells the poor deer-man it is a salt lick. The deer-man starts going at the salt lick, the crowd is rolling in the aisles. The show was a success for the hypnotist.

Except it's not funny. That poor man is going to wake up with the same taste in his mouth that last night's game left us with. And what an awful taste that was. Getting 183 hits in Colorado to score four runs twists the insides like a balloon animal. Let us never speak of this game again.

Today's comment starter: Who do you see having more short-term and long-term success, Jeremy Accardo or Scott Munter? I'll go with Munter on the short-term, and Accardo with the long term. There's no real science or logic behind either prediction.