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Warning: Not Totally Giants-Related

From Baseball America:

(Jered)Weaver, drafted 12th overall by the Angels, is close to throwing simulated games at (Scott) Boras' baseball complex.
Scott Boras has his own baseball complex? That is so freaking cool. I picture henchmen, beautiful women lounging by the pool, and a helicopter pad. Basically, a cross between the Kennedy Compound, the Playboy Mansion, and The Hall of Doom.

That is all.

It's a total drag trying to keep up with the amateur draft coverage of Baseball America when the Giants don't have a pick until the eleventy-first round, thanks to the free agent bonanza over the winter. It was always one of my favorite parts of the year, but we'll be relegated to discussing if some sixth-round pick from Southwest North Dakota Tech State University College was a reach, and if he would have still been available in the seventh round. As if any of us really knew.