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Gameday Open Thread, 5/14

For all of the histrionics, the Giants are just three games out of first place in May. Sometimes, there needs to be a little perspective check. For example, the Giants just beat a team that started Jose Vizcaino at first base, and let him bat in the fifth spot of the order. Jose Vizcaino: Number five hitter, starting first baseman. That's a cry for help like no other; like taking just enough sleeping pills to be found unconscious. Jose Vizcaino: Number five hitter, starting first baseman. That's how the front office gently lets you know they're going to be watching the Mavericks series for a couple of weeks, so don't bother them unless it's, like, totally important, or something.

The Astros weren't supposed to set the world ablaze with double-digit win after double-digit win, but they weren't supposed to be the punchline on the inside of the Bazooka wrapper either. The pitching was a big reason why there was hope, as any team that can lead with Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte, and Roger Clemens can make up for a whole lot of missing offense. Clemens goes tonight, and he should be a great match for a Giants team that swings first, and laughs at the notion they're supposed to ask questions later. A Lance Niekro/Clemens battle would be particularly entertaining.