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With a fever, running nose, and hacking cough, I tried to watch last night's game. The got to me. Jeff Fassero was magical in my hallucinatory state, limiting the Pirates to just a couple of baserunners over five innings. I've had these fevers before. Once, my mom found me crying, and trying to perform a makeshift funeral for a broken guitar string. The Fasseronation, though, is the weirdest thing my boiling brain has ever cooked up. Just freaky.

Then I wake up, and it actually happened. And Fassero looked good doing it. He was economical with his pitches, ran the fastball consistently to 90 mph, and had a cache of funky little breaking balls. Watching the Pirates again, it was clear this is one of the worse offensive lineups we'll ever have the privilege to face. They, of course, pounced on our assembly line of awful relievers having awful luck in an awful start to their season.

Now, here's how this works: Fassero earned himself another spot start with this performance in a losing effort. The next spot start Fassero pitches, he'll get trounced and the Giants will lose that game. This way, the Giants will be able to make the least out of the good fortune Fassero's start brought last night. Maybe it's the romantic in me, but that's how the season is loping along so far.

Bright spots from the game last night:

* Jeremy Accardo had a good outing.

That's the bulk of it. The downside is that the Giants lost the game, forcing them to claw and scratch to avoid dropping two home series to the Nationals and Pirates. The less-than-bright spots from the game are many, but one stands out:

* Al Levine is still on the team.

Levine might be a fine gentleman, and it's too early to read anything into his statistics, but he throws nothing that looks like a major league pitch right now. In Fresno, both Jeremy Fikac and Brandon Puffer are having good starts to the year, with Jack Taschner still waiting to give up his first run. Levine needs to be given longer looks in a regular role for the Grizzlies if the Giants still think he can contribute, or he should be released. It was a good gambit to bring in a guy like Levine to spring training, but if Alou doesn't trust him, he's just going to force stiffer workloads on the guys Alou almost trusts.

The best part about the Giants bullpen as of May 11th, is the performance of Jeff Fassero. That isn't to take away from the pleasant surprise Fassero has been for us, but it isn't what we expected when we had visions of a contender dancing in our heads.