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Gameday Open Thread, 4/8

Two interesting young lefties are pitching in Jeff Francis and Noah Lowry. I don't think the Giants score until the seventh, if at all. Not to be a downer, but you know Feliz is hitting cleanup, and Grissom isn't helping anything right now. Someone slow is going to hit a triple, though. I'll ride that prediction into the ground until it's right.

I was going to ask people going to the game to stand and applaud Dustan Mohr in lieu of golf-clapping, but Mohr is on the DL. Again, that'll be Pedro Feliz scrambling around in left, out of position, and J.T. Snow fidgeting in the box against a left-handed pitcher.

Three lefties in the pen was a huge priority. Yep, perfectly understandable. Wouldn't want a capable right-handed hitting outfield backup, even if it were offered. Nope. Nosiree.