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The Horror.....The Horror.....

The highlight of last night's game was Jeff Fassero pitching two solid innings.

Let us never speak of this game again. There are hitters on this team who can make you pause in the middle of shaving, look at yourself in the mirror with wide eyes, and think, "My goodness, the Giants are counting on that guy? He kinda stinks." Those guys didn't hit in the Dodgers series. There are relievers on this team, let's call this group "the bullpen", who you wouldn't trust to pass your twenty down the aisle, returning a bag of peanuts and change. These players did nothing to dispel our early fears.

Still, one three-game series does not a season make. If this were a Houston Astros blog, it would have been in full attack mode until about August of last year, before sheepishly going along for the NLCS ride. The difference is that the Astros looked like a good team before last year. This isn't to insinuate the Giants don't, because no one really knows what the Giants look like yet. They're the amorphous cloud in the sky, with nothing but opinions as to what they look like, and some seeing bad cloud, some seeing good cloud. Bonds back would be a big help. Moises Alou not being hurt for an extended period would be a big help, regardless on how much you are expecting him to decline this year.

Still, bleah. Not the way to start the season. The team isn't hitting, and the bullpen isn't pitching. Alou is hurt, Bonds is hurt, and the remaining outfielder ate a clubhouse Red Vine that A.J. Pierzynski licked, grounding into double plays as if they give him frequent flyer miles. If the rain breaks, we'll have Noah Lowry against a Coorsless Rockie team, and that's a good way to start the laborious hike back up to .500, or a good way to bury your head deeper into your hands.



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