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Thoughts From the Game

Thoughts from the...wait, I already wrote that:

  • Congratulations to Ricky Ledee, who went 1-for-3, and now has more hits as a Dodger than he did as a Giant. Alfredo Simon is thing keeping me from sending the guy a care package of my used Kleenex.
  • Can you imagine the gametime conversation between Dodgers GM Paul Depodesta and a typical drunken bleacher monkey?

    Drunken Bleacher Monkey: Aw, man, the Giants have it ALL OVER the Bums this year. Those bums can't field.

    Depodesta: Actually, my Omniscient Zone Rating was developed by former Soviet mathematicians who defected before the end of the Cold War, and it tells me that Jeff Kent is the top fielding second baseman in the league. And that Adrian Beltre wasn't as good a fielder as Jose Valentin! That's why we gave Derek Lowe that seemingly absurd contract. Emphasis on "seemingly".

    DBM: Yarrrrraghayyyy!!!!!! Valentin just booted a ball to give the Giants a run! BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.! Don't you wish your defense was as good as the Giants? Omar Vizquel, baby!

    Depo: Actually, my Simultron 3000 program tells me that Vizquel has lost a step in the field.


    Depo: Well, this is merely a function of sample size. In the world of statistics, you see....

    DBM: BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.! 162-0, YOU SORRY SON OF A....

    Depo: Really, there's no need for...

    DBM: BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!

    Depo: I hate you! I hate you all!
    (takes ball, and goes home)

  • That thing Jason Schmidt throws at 88 mph is not a changeup. I don't care what he tells you, or what Dave Righetti tells you. If it leaves your arm, and it travels over 85 mph, it's a fastball. From here on out, it shall be known as the funk-grip fastball. That name kind of stinks, so if you have a better one, I'd like to hear it. Read it. Whatever.
  • I love an Opening Day win. The day was perfect, and things really started to liven up after the Alfonzo homerrun. Vizquel was a stud at the plate and in the field, 2007 be damned. And the chatter was mighty lively here! I'm proud of you bastards. ...sniff...