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Who Put Opening Day So Close To Tax Season?

I mean, really. It's like having your fifth-grade teacher at your bachelor party.

The grass is cut. The lineups ready. Huey Lewis is clearing his throat for the Star-Spangled Banner. It's time for baseball. Jason Schmidt. The best ballpark in the majors. Opening day is when the masses rise up, and give Old Man Winter a catharsis-spangled wedgie.

I took a legitimate day off tomorrow, bought a bleacher seat on eBay, and will be at the game. I'm the guy with a Mays Field shirt on, trying not to set off the dork-o-meter by using a laptop before the game.

There are some new wrinkles for the site. First, I have said laptop thanks to the help of an incredibly supportive future father-in-law. When I go to games, I'll try and do a bit of writing there. At least, until the scientists find out that Wi-Fi makes you sterile. I also promise that this kind of stuff will be kept to a minimum.

The second item is there will be open game threads here for every game. It was something that was tried in the spring, but, really, who is just itching to discuss radio-only spring training games on Saturday afternoons? If you go elsewhere for your gametime chatter, like Baseball Primer or Cafe Utne, just drop by for a little bit and say hello. One hundred and sixty-two times, for three hours at a time, if you can.

Is anyone else going to the game?