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And the Withered Remains....

Jeff Fassero, eh? The bullpen was a problem last year, so they'll start this year with Scott Eyre, Jason Christiansen, and Jeff Fassero. They would all make a fine second lefty in a decent pen. Three Pabsts do not a delicious Guinness make.

Two of the lefties, Eyre and Christiansen, are useless against left-handers. It is hard to tell much about Fassero's splits, and whether he holds up against righties, as his last good year was in 2001. Fassero has actually been better against righties over the last three years, but that just means he was always as good as Scott Eyre facing right-handed hitting. The Coors factor tweaks the final stats, but the road numbers aren't pretty, either.

Taken alone, an argument can be made for any of the pitchers. Together, the trio is laughably limited. I don't get it. Foppert starting every fifth day is understandable, and he should have gone down to Fresno. If the team needed a spot start, Tyler Walker is an experienced starter. Fassero doesn't need to be replaced by a one-inning guy like Brandon Puffer, Brandon Villafuerte, or Jeremy "Brandon" Fikac, but it wouldn't have crippled the team. However, if the idea of a swingman was crucial, the team has right-handed options that can go multiple innings in Foppert, Brad Hennessey, Kevin Correia, Merkin Valdez, and Matt Kinney.

Kinney, for all his struggles, has held righties to a .318 OBP over the past three years. Your work might have a program that prevents you from seeing any porn, so you might not be allowed to see Kinney's splits against left-handers: .326/.389/.530. If you don't think that qualifies as porn, you're just lucky Todd Helton isn't standing over your shoulder, wearing a trenchcoat. Kinney's upside is like the gold of El Dorado hidden in a reasonably-priced movie theater and might never be found, regardless of the legend's strength. He has an upside, though, which makes him immediately preferable to Fassero. Kinney was focused on solely because he was the worst of the above options, but still preferable to Fassero.

All things considered, Fassero isn't really the problem. Jason Christiansen is both redundant and overpaid. The contract given to Christiansen signals a blind faith in him that isn't going to change easily, though, so that's why it is necessary to pick on Fassero. One of the three left-handers will be gone at some point, it's just a matter if the Giants do it on their own, or if their hand is forced by poor performance.