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Wherever I Jerome

Jerome Williams, down to Fresno? If it falls in the Didn't Get Much Spring Training, Needs To Tune Up category, it makes sense. If it falls in the THe Guy is Only like 20 and Had 2 bad Starst SO He Needs To Go The Hell Back to AAA! category, that would be a shock. I think I just made that category up.

As others on this site have speculated, I'd expect Al Levine to go back down once there's a start needed, and Brad Hennessey or Jesse Foppert to come up. I have no preference between the two. Hennessey's hot start is intriguing, but Foppert's viewed as a bigger part of the future. What did teams like the Pirates do when their AAA team was in Hawaii? There were no shenanigans like the quick call-up, that's for sure.

Short post today. I make up for it by giving you this to watch. It never ceases to make me laugh.