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Open Gameday Thread, 4/24

Yesterday's game thread was, in a parallel dimension, one of the greatest events in internet history. It was a magical exhibition of community and electronic interaction; something that will be studied into the following century. Nothing could prepare the world for the short clips of poignancy, wit, and cohesiveness that bloomed amidst the background of a baseball game.

In this dimension, I forgot. I went to the game, and, well, you know. We lost more than you could ever imagine.

Today, the Giants try not to drop a home series to the Brewers. Now, I'm all for giving the Brewers credit, and they aren't as bad as they've showed early in the year. Geoff Jenkins and Carlos Lee aren't going to hit .200/.280/.350 for the whole year, just like J.J. Hardy isn't going to hit .100. Still, losing a home series to the Brewers would be embarrassing.

Pitching for the Brewers: Not Ben Sheets.