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No one wants a recap of Friday's game. No one.

The new documentary about the fight for the 73rd home run ball, Up for Grabs, contains the following:

  • A grown man biting someone else's leg. It was a Cowboy fan's leg, though.
  • A Dodger fan representing the worst nightmare of every Giants fan with a single daughter.
  • Gwen Knapp uttering the words, "ball-touching party".
  • Reporter Wayne Freedman, who should dress up as Matt Williams for next Halloween.
  • Some impressively icky human beings.
  • A clip of Kenny Lofton flying out to end the World Series. This is sadder than Old Yeller getting shot on the Titanic, and then finding out he had the test scores to get into USC.
  • Some good laughs at other people's expense, all in a Giantscentric universe. How could you not want to see that?
Giants fans, for all of the whining and martyrdom, have been pretty lucky. Yes, there has been some heartbreak. Some soul-gnawing, pure black heartbreak. Some utterly defeating, give-up-on-the-sport-to-mantain-your-fraying-sanity heartbreak. Heartbreak that has left us all one step closer to walking into Disneyland with a glazed look and a dart gun, ready to make CNN stop their regular coverage. Heartbreak, that, if looked at in the right context, can....

You get the idea. But we can't forget the luck. Getting to the World Series. Having the best park in baseball. Watching Barry Bonds do everything he's done, though, is what sets us apart from the regular variety of luck. The documentary does a good job of bringing us back to when we were the center of the baseball world, even for the most ridiculous of reasons.