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Some quick notes:

There is a story on the SportsBLOGS network up on the surprisingly reputable* The story includes a couple of quotes from me, and as kenshin writes, "Grant gets a perfect opportunity to plug his blog and he goes and compares himself to muppets." If I had to do it over again, I think I give off more of a Telly vibe.

Also, there are two fine new members of the SportsBLOGS consortium who I have neglected to mention. There is Fish Stripes, a Marlins blog, and Pinstripe Alley, a Yankees blog. Both are legally and ethically restricted from complaining about anything on these blogs until their team has gone at least a decade without winning a World Series, but they will still be fun to read. Give them a look, if you would.

* It isn't surprising that the site is reputable, but surprising someone reputable would care what I think. I'm just clarifying in the unlikely event that, say, the managing editor of were to stumble across the site.