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Elliot, can you explain why I'm talking to you on Sunday?

Michael Tucker, ladies and germs. It just happened so fast. One second, we're cheering Edgardo Alfonzo for taking a walk, we foolishly decide to exhale, and then there was a ball sailing into McCovey Cove at warp-ten. It's rare that a left-hander can just watch a homer at Mays Field, but that's just how hard Tucker crushed it. Scott Dohmann seems to throw 70% sliders to right-handers, so a tip of the cap to Tucker for sitting fastball as a lefty.

Jerome has not looked as efficient since his complete game shutout of the A's. The fastball was generally 89, but it had a nice tail to it. With the questions about Brett Tomko and Noah Lowry, and the fingers crossed that Jason Schmidt can keep his pace up, Williams has been forgotten. No one seems to worry about him imploding, and no one seems to predict he'll take off. Even though his great game came against Todd Helton and the Colorado Springs Eight, you can only feel good about how he started the season.