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Thoughts from the game....

  • Jesse Foppert throwing strikes: good. Jesse Foppert never cracking 90 mph: not as good. At what point do we start to fidget uncomfortably? He is still very early in his recovery, but I enjoyed the idea of Foppert coming back with a better fastball.
  • Mike Matheny made an error. To quote the already-missed Mitch Hedberg, "If you had a friend who was a tightrope walker, and you were walking down a sidewalk, and he fell, that would be completely unacceptable."

    Yeah, well, the same goes for Matheny making an error. A commenter made a good point, saying that I'm too hard on Matheny. That's probably true. He does love the game, he works with the pitchers well, and is a legitimately solid defensive catcher. I just don't like what the decision to sign him represents: a disregard for the tangible aspects of what makes a good team.

  • There was a weird paradigm going on for the last at-bat of the game. The Giants were guaranteed not to lose. But there was still a game going on, and you still wanted them to win. A tie? Go back to Russia.

    Exhibition or not, when Tucker drilled the pitch to the gap, and you had an inkling it was going to be an extra-base hit, it was pretty electric.

  • This was Giants game 6,000,314 for me. Number of foul balls caught: zero. Man, that makes me want to hit something. C'mon, fate. Help a guy out.