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Come, as I lead you through the back door, into the storm cellar, and turn the radio on. They're listening, you know. Maybe I should turn the radio up louder. Or, better yet, I'll just write what I have to say on the back of this T.G.I. Friday's napkin. Are the shutters closed? Good, good. Here goes:

I was encouraged by Noah Lowry's performance yesterday.

It was one spring start. Exhibition performances mean nothing. To admit otherwise is akin to leaving your credibility in an alley dumpster, hoping no one will hear the soft cries. But it feels good to write. I was encouraged by Noah Lowry's performance yesterday.

If one were to draft a blueprint of the archetypal good Lowry performance, he would be pitching like he was yesterday. He was locating the change low and off the plate, while spotting his fastball very well. When a hitter was leaning over the plate, Lowry would bust a 90-mph fastball in on the hands. The change had plenty of downward movement, and got a lot of checked swings.

It is March, and this all means little. Perhaps when the hitters find their groove, they will be sitting on those inside fastballs, and driving them 425 feet. Yesterday, though, Lowry was making the hitters uncomfortable. The velocity was a nice touch, as he was around 89-90 with the fastball, and high-70s with the change. He also flashed a decent breaking ball once or twice.

And if you report my sentiments to the authorities, I'll bring you down with me.