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Class. Act. All the way.

From the AP:

Joe Borchard, trying to make the team as a reserve outfielder, homered in the second and sixth innings for the White Sox.

After the game, Borchard found a $100 bill awaiting him at his locker, not knowing who it was from.

He later learned A. J. Pierzynski had offered $100 to any of his new White Sox teammates that hit a home run off Brett Tomko.

When Pierzynski joined the Giants he was described as the kind of player who would rile the opposition, but earn the respect of his teammates. As it turns out, he was just an ass. A big, braying, knee-to-the-groin-of-your-trainer sort of ass.

After reading the article, Tomko painted a picture of Pierzynski being gored by a unicorn. Now Pierzynski's out $100, and he's got that to deal with. Winner: Tomko.