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Three Plugs

First plug:

Allen sent these two links to some cool spring training footage he shot. The drunken butter knife fight at the Pink Pony was left out, but the spirit remains intact.

Second plug:

Those counterculture long-hairs over at Mays Field are having a sit-in on April 9th. Well, okay, a party, but if they aren't smoking joints and listening to Quicksilver Messenger Service, then I guess I don't know what "tongue-sort-of-in-cheek protesting" means in 2005.

The party is being held at The Brickhouse Cafe during and after the Rockies game. If you wear your Mays Field swag, you get a dollar off of some beer. You would also get a dollar off Pabst Blue Ribbon. You can find directions and other details at the above link. Myself, I'll be freakin' working. I'm serious about them touching my stapler.

Third plug:

Steve Shelby put a great diary up here about what he's seeing in Arizona. Keep that stuff coming, Steve.