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It Didn't Take Long...

Time elapsed between yesterday's post, and realization that I was an idiot and Al Levine had already been released: Two minutes. The release of Wayne Franklin came as a minor surprise, as he had an option left and a minor league contract. The move shouldn't affect the Giants, though the Laotian Wayne Franklin bootleg jersey industry was crippled.

Franklin's release frees up a spot on the 40-man roster. Now it seems to render down to Fassero v. Dallimore for that roster spot. Or, as was astutely pointed out by some astute readers, the Giants might go sifting through the box at the curb, looking for a Billy Koch or Brooks Kieschnick. Fassero, Scott Eyre, and Jason Christiansen are just so, so redundant. It would be better to take the middle infielder hitting the snot out of the ball, or the right-handed reliever.

Kieschnick is the perfect player for Felipe Alou. He'll provide the left-handed power the bench is sorely lacking, and still give Alou the 12th pitcher he needs like most people need their morning coffee. With two designated one-and-out lefties like Christiansen and Eyre, Kieschnick would be a welcome mop-up arm to shoulder the load the non-one-and-out pitchers have.

I disagree with the idea that Kieschnick is a novelty. At one point he was a top hitting-prospect, and he has always shown good pop, even when he was struggling to make contact. His pitching is more of a mystery, but he certainly acquitted himself well last year. Sample size caveats apply, but a 3.77 ERA in 43 innings is nothing to sneeze at. And he's free. And he's a left-handed hitter. And he's a decent pitcher. He's a floor wax! No, he's a dessert topping!

Climb aboard the Brooks Kieschnick bandwagon with me, folks. The en route meals are free, but you'll have to pay for your own drinks. And spot me five bucks for one of my drinks. I'm good for it.