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Remember the 2002 offseason? The first signing was Marquis Grissom, who was going to ruin the team's offense. That was followed by Ray Durham and Edgardo Alfonzo, who were both excellent players, and made up for the Grissom signing.

Alfonzo stunk, and Grissom has been a bargain up until now. That's a twist like The Crying Game-meets-Scooby Doo, where people are down at the wharf, and all sorts of masks and clothes are being ripped off to reveal secret identities. Durham has been as good as expected, though he has had injury problems for the first time in his career. Second base is a rough position, so this might not be a string of bad luck.

Ray Durham

AB: 530
HR: 15
AVG: .285
OBP: .367
SLG: .445

I think it was a string of bad luck, and Durham's going to be stellar. Your projections?