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Three-day Old Donuts in the On-Deck Circle of Life

Watching Dave Righetti's no-hitter on ESPN Classic prompted the following thoughts:

  1. The guy looks exactly the same now as he did back then.
  2. Dude had a good fastball. It reminded me of Kirk Rueter's, except Righetti's was 20-mph faster with a substantial amount of movement.
The game also prompted me to try and ferret out the All Past-Their-Prime Team for the San Francisco Giants. I don't care what team you follow, the Giants are going to have a better front of the Past-Their-Prime bullpen.

C Gary Carter
1B Andres Galarraga
2B Joe Morgan
SS Omar Vizquel
3B Harvey Kuenn
LF Eric Davis
CF Duke Snider
RF Reggie Smith

SP Steve Carlton
SP Warren Spahn
SP Sam McDowell
SP Orel Hershisher
SP Mark Portugal

RP Goose Gossage
RP Dave Righetti
RP Dan Quisenberry
RP Steve Bedrosian
RP Don Larsen
RP Steve Hamilton

Bench Shawon Dunston
Bench Joe Carter
Bench Al Oliver
Bench Benito Santiago
Bench Darryl Strawberry
Bench Kenny Lofton

Not sure if Sam McDowell counts, as the Giants didn't know he was past his prime when they acquired him. Edgardo Alfonzo has about one more season before he joins. If you don't cheat with Harvey Kuenn, you have to choose between Russ Davis and Ken Oberkfell.

Who did I miss? There has to be someone better than Portugal, but it didn't seem right to slag Rick Reuschel on a team like this. Larsen makes it more on name recognition than anything else.