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Drafty in here...

Since Michael Tucker was taken in the first round of the 1992 draft, here are all the position players drafted from the 21st pick of the first round until the end of the round (including supplemental rounds).

Jason Varitek OF
Charles Peterson OF
Kevin Orie SS
Mike Bell 3B
Josue Estrada OF
Pat Watkins OF
Jermaine Allensworth OF
Todd Dunn OF
Matt Farner OF
Kelcey Mucker OF
Andy Rice 1B
Hiram Bocachica SS
Dante Powell OF
Brian Buchanan 1B-OF
Mark Johnson C
Kevin Witt SS
Jay Payton OF
Russ Johnson SS
Jacob Cruz OF
David Miller 1B
Corey Jenkins OF
Jeff Liefer 3B
Shea Morenz OF
Michael Barrett SS
Chris Haas 3B
Damian Rolls 3B
John Oliver OF
A.J. Zapp 1B
Danny Peoples 1B
Paul Wilder OF
Pete Tucci 1B-OF
Jayson Werth C
Tyrell Godwin OF
Glenn Davis 1B
Darnell McDonald
Kevin Nicholson
Troy Cameron SS
Jack Cust 1B
Brett Caradonna OF
Mark Fischer OF
Ntema Ndungidi OF
Scott Hodges SS
Jason Romano 3B
Jason Fitzgerald OF
Thomas Pittman 1B
Dan McKinley OF
Matthew LeCroy C
Tootie Myers OF
Jason Tyner OF
Bubba Crosby OF
Andy Brown OF
Rick Elder OF
Chip Ambres OF
Arturo McDowell OF
Brad Wilkerson OF
Aaron Rowand OF
Raphael Freeman OF
Mamon Tucker OF
Jeff Winchester C
Eric Valent OF
Larry Bigbie OF
Keith Reed OF
Jason Repko OF
Mike Rosamond OF
Chris Duncan IF
Brian Roberts SS
Nick Trzesniak C
David Espinosa SS
Scott Heard C
Corey Smith IF
Robert Stiehl C
David Parrish C
Scott Thorman IF
Tripper Johnson 3B
Tyrell Godwin CF
Aaron Herr IF
John-Ford Griffin OF
Bobby Crosby IF
Josh Burrus 3B
Bryan Bass SS
Mike Woods IF
Jeff Mathis C
Bronson Sardhinha IF
Michael Garciaparra SS
David Wright 3B
Richard Lewis IF
Todd Linden OF
Mike Conroy OF
Jayson Nix IF

I picked the 21st slot, because the Giants haven't picked earlier since 1997. I also stopped the list at 2001, because the other drafts are still too recent to judge. I understand the idea behind the gaaah-don't-give-away-a-draft-pick-for-Michael Tucker position. Hell, I wrote the self-serving forward for the book. I'm wondering if this changes my mind.

Eighty-nine players. Eight of them are worth more than one season of Michael Tucker, and I've put them in bold. Nine, if you are Jay Payton's mother or think Jeff Mathis is going to rebound. This is what the Giants hope to get if they don't sign Tucker? A nine-percent chance at a player whose talent ranges from Matt LeCroy to Brad Wilkerson? The pitchers were an even bigger horror show.

One of the biggest problems with this argument, is that just because these players didn't succeed in the majors, doesn't mean they were always without value. There are at least ten or twenty players up there who would have brought a nice return if they were traded at their peak.

Does the 5%, or whatever, chance of getting a Wilkerson-type talent benefit the team more than the bird-in-the-hand philosophy with the Giants?For what type of player do you sacrifice the pick for? Michael Tucker, or better? Does the value of first-rounder as eventual trade chit carry much weight with you? Will Batman untangle himself from the ropes before the robotic alligator gets to him?

Your thoughts....