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Poop. Just poop.

One day you're ignoring stray condom wrappers and a dog-eared copy of "Kama Sutra for the Discerning Teenager", and the next day you're a 36-year old grandparent. The signs were there, but ignorance is bliss. The Giants were counting on a 40-year old man to stay healthy, even after off-season knee surgery, and humming their troubles away as they skipped down the street.

They got burned. Yee-ouch. Bonds is out indefinitely after another knee surgery, which the ghoulish Antinous details here, along with a poll as to how long you think he'll be out. Any amount of time cripples this club, and, as Josh points out in the comment portion of the above diary, it would sure be nice to have Dustan Mohr right about now. Ugh.

His replacement will likely be non-outfielder Pedro Feliz, or the Rod Serling approved Anti-Bonds, Tony Torcato. Torcato wouldn't start, but could take the roster spot. And then the universe explodes, as dictated by the laws of physics. When Bonds and Anti-Bonds meet, there are consequences. It's in Revelations, people!

The guy sitting at the bus stop, with a vacant stare where his soul used to be? That'd be me. If this is going to be a preview of the post-Bonds era, I hate it before the first game is played.