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It Was Really Cold. Seriously.

Not too far back, my mother and I were having serious problems. We hadn't talked for years, and we decided to get some counseling. During the sessions the counselor tried to get to the root of the problems, peeling back layers and layers of shared memories, hoping to find the source.

The counselor suggested there was an obvious trauma behind our chasm, though calling back supressed memories was not her forte. If there was to be an end to our problems, I would have to try going under hypnosis. It sounded like hocus-pocus, but it couldn't do too much damage.

I don't remember what it was like to be under. Apparently, however, when the hypnotist asked me why I had issues with my mother, I started to whimper. Then I started to bawl. Between the choking sobs, I muttered, "She made me sit in -30 degree weather, all to watch Bob Brenly pinch-hit. I almost lost my toes to frostbite, damnit. I was just a child."

Since the session, things have been great between us. I forgive you, mother, for making me sit in the upper reserved seats behind centerfield for the 1984 All-Star Game.

The news that the Giants are getting the All-Star Game in 2007 has been long rumored, and finally confirmed. It will be great to watch Nate Schierholtz take aim at the Bay during Home Run Derby.

It could happen. Really.

Pac Bell Park is something to show off. It's better than showing off a new piece of jewelry. It's even better than showing off a new baby. It's on par with showing off a new baby who can turn his messy diapers into jewelry using only his mind. Taking into account what the Giants fans had to endure for decades, the success and beauty of Pac Bell is amazing. The All-Star Game is just going to show the park off more, especially the Home Run Derby.

Let us just hope the 2007 version of the Giants are vastly superior to the 1984 version.

"Lance Niekro is hitting .292, and has walked twice this game. Wait, that should be 'this year'. He was the 'pity pick' for this year's team, and will give the hometown fans something to cheer over."

"I don't think they're cheering, Tim. A lot of people are openly weeping."

"Yes, it is a wonderful ballpark."