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*sniff* I, Uh, Got Something In My Eye....

I found a link to this homemade movie of the 2002 NLCS on the Giants message board. Warning: The file is about 62 MB, so if you try to download this using a dial-up connection, your computer will walk over to your kitchen, and do the computer-equivalent of urinating in your breakfast cereal. You'd think sans urine it wouldn't be as awful. Man, are you wrong.

Oh, the memories of hope this well-made movie brought back are so vivid. Bell comes around third, and the Giants are going to the World Series. Heck, they might even win the durn thing. After the game, I replayed the radio highlights over and over and over. There is nothing better than a professional losing it and untentionally adding to the moment more than they could have ever hoped to. The obvious example is Russ Hodges, and "The Giants won the pennant!....". The Niner fans in the house, who should also read Salemicus' fantastic diary over to your right, might remember "Owens! Owens! Owens!", from the Niner/Packer game. You know. The Niner/Packer game won by the Niners. Yeah, that one.

One of the hardest laughs I've ever had was from someone unable to stick to the script, and Duane Kuiper's gutteral cry of, "It's over!", shortly followed by Mike Krukow's, "We're going!", is my favorite moment in recent Giants broadcasting history. Two absolute homers, who do a fairly good job at refraining from cheerleading for 162+ games, just letting that all go out the window at the perfect time.

Watch the movie, and reminisce. Instead of wallowing in what followed, which Giants fans are genetically encoded to do, try and remember how you felt after that specific game. Rapture.

Now imagine what it would feel like to whiz in Scott Spiezio's bowl of Frosted Flakes when he wasn't looking. Double rapture. Wallowing is just more fun.