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Photoshop, anyone?

Thanks to the work of fellow company yeoman Red Reporter, these strangely beautiful cartoons about the Giants can see light across the Pacific. I'm not sure yet, but there is a good chance my first tattoo will be this likeness of Jason Schmidt. It's a simple story, really. Manager asks star pitcher to lead his team to victory, even though the pitcher is overworked. Star pitcher goes to locker room, and changes into a superhero costume. Star pitcher then LOOKS AT HIS OWN SEVERED HEAD IN A BOX. Star pitcher is ready to pitch a good game. My Korean is a little rusty, so I might off with the translation.

These aren't just funny because they are in an unfamiliar language. This Dodger one is obviously hilarious in any language. What in the world is Milton Bradley doing in every panel? I'd like to think the caption for Bradley just reads, "I am schizophrenic! I desperately need medical attention! My soul is in tatters!", over and over. It would be even cooler if that could be expressed in just two Korean characters.

The main page for the cartoons can be found here. The minute details in each cartoon are indictative of the knowledge the artist has of American baseball. Eric Gagne's locker has hockey sticks in one cartoon. Bernie Williams is playing a guitar in another. These things are freakin' awesome. Part of me is dying to know what the translations are, and another part likes the abstract, imagination-sparking element of not understanding a single thing.