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Cain You Feel the Love, Tonight?

Quick notes:

  • A big welcome to Over the Monster, the newest member of the SportsBLOGS family. Try not to be too jealous of his Red Sox winning the championship. Like the 14-year old with a bad moustache who returns from a half-hour at Makeout Point with an hour full of stories, all we can do is live vicariously through him.
  • At the risk of making your eyes glaze over at another mention of Matt Cain, here is a top-10 prospects list from Rotoworld. There isn't too much unusual on this one, though I just don't understand what the is not to like about Pat Misch. Both Rotoworld and Baseball America did not include him in their respective top-10s. He handled a jump from the Northwest League to AA, showing outstanding control and good strikeout numbers.

    Misch isn't just competing with average stuff, either, as his breaking ball and changeup are reportedly above-average. He isn't some super-prospect ready to jump out of a phone booth and give ulcers to major league hitters, but his quick promotion and success at the fairly advanced level are encouraging. When deciding on both the better short- and long-term prospect, it is hard to see how Craig Whitaker sneaks above Misch.
  • The Barry Bonds press conference is getting its fair share of coverage, and you can find a full transcript here. As usual, there were shades of ridiculous ("[Banning] alcohol is long overdue"), poignant ("... you've got to have some serious talent to have 53,000 people saying you suck"), and hilarious ("[The topic of steroids] is just -- this is old stuff. I mean, it's like watching Sanford and Son, you know, you just, rerun after rerun after rerun".)
The interview was entertaining for reasons other than Bonds, as well. It was established early that BALCO was off limits for discussion, so the reporters had to do a little tap dancing.
Mr. Condit will not answer any questions about the murder investigation.

Mr. Condit, if any given congressman were to hypothetically sink the body of an intern in his backyard koi pond, should the public think less of him?

Tippity tap, tippity tap. Bonds was being his rambling, snarly self, and the reporters were frustrated by the limitations. Good. Maybe the non-story about Bonds' non-informative interview will help run this story out of a little fuel, getting us close to actual baseball stories.

In my opinion, Bonds also could use to mix in a few well-placed bad words. People aren't going to like him any less, so just tell the four-eyed dweeb what he can do with his notepad, Barry. That's entertainment, and it would make you feel a little better. Start with Rick Reilly. Please.