A Valentine's Day Poem

Forgive me if this isn't the correct forum for such romantic ramblings, but I always feel a little sappy this time of year...

Love's Winter Haven

True love needs no holiday to prove it has power
It doesn't need candy or jewelry or flowers
The calendar tells us a special day's here
But true love is strong every day of the year
Still, one day in February gives us a reason
To heat up with passion the coldest of seasons
It's a time to rejoice and forget all our sorrows
For pitchers and catchers report by tomorrow

The fact that we're slaves to our jobs is a crime
And we don't get to share that much quality time
So today let's just curl up and bask in the glory
Schaap's kid is doing an hour with Torre
Baseball Tonight will be on in a few
Let's welcome back Ravech and Jayson Stark too
Gammons says Cameron is Coors Field bound
But the true stars today are the men of the mound

There's tall Randy Johnson, his wildness outgrown
There's fat David Wells - good curveball, but gout-prone
Thin Pedro Martinez will chase his fourth Cy
Francisco Rodriguez will make hitters cry
Hudson should win twenty if he stays healthy
Chan Ho will win three but be grossly wealthy
Back from his meltdown, Ankiel's on the brink
And spending his free time with Estes' shrink

El Duque's the gritty and wise Duke of Cuba
While Ponson's the fat drunk thug Knight of Aruba
I'm sorry, my love - I got carried away
Obsessing on pitchers this Valentine's Day
It's thoughtless and wrong and it's unfair to you
And it's unfair to catchers... they're reporting too!
In New York, Piazza is still number one
But across town Posada has power and a gun

But you can't cherish love for a single day only
Or the rest of the year you'll feel empty and lonely
I think we can start quite a romantic streak
The rest of the players are reporting next week
Ichiro, Nomar, Giambi and Gonzo
Jeter and Dunn and Edgardo Alfonzo
Delgado will soon have the Marlin fans shouting
And Griffey will soon start his annual pouting

This may be our last chance to see some old friends
Palmeiro and Big Cat are nearing the end
Old Roger Clemens still throws like an ace
Rickey thinks Rickey can still get on base
But the game thrives on youth and exciting new blood
Like Vlad the Impaler or Pujols the Stud
Beltran's still young, just a couple years older
Than the chip that's been living on Barry Bonds' shoulder

With affairs of the heart there are always concerns
Will our love last forever and still fiercely burn?
Will the drug policy cause home runs to decline?
Will it most affect Sheffield? Or Sosa? Or Eckstein?
Will Kevin Brown find a safe way to vent?
Will Milton Bradley soon strangle Jeff Kent?
Will Nen ever work his way back to The Show?
36 million for who? Derek Lowe?

But on this special day, darling, all that I'm cravin'
Is to make this apartment our own Winter Haven
Or Tampa or Tempe or even Ft. Myers
Kissimmee, baby, let the fire get higher
The mere thought of Tuscon is getting me hotter
My heart is a Phoenix flying over Clearwater
It's forty degrees outside, but that's okay
We'll make this a warm Bobby Valentine's Day

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