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FanFest Stories, Please....

Did anyone go to FanFest yesterday? Please, do tell.

I was working, and couldn't go. I swear, if they take my stapler one more time....

Here's a great feat of journalism revolving around the allegations of Barry Bonds' mistress. Before you click on the link, be warned the story contains the following:

(Bonds' mistress) did admit that Bonds bought her a new home in Arizona for $157,000 and said no when (Geraldo) Rivera bluntly asked: "Kimberly, are you a gold digger, Kimberly?"
When reading the article, put cotton in your ears to prevent your brain from turning into a fog and leaking out.

The New York Post reporting on a Fox News story. I'd rather read the cast on a 13-year old's broken arm for my news.


Are you about to go up to your significant other, look him/her sternly in the eye, and growl, "Kimberly, are you a gold digger, Kimberly?", between gritted teeth?

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