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Soapbox licenses were issued to Give 'Em Some Stankeye!, and Mays Field recently. Go visit.

Give 'Em Some Stankeye, or GvESmSke as those in the know refer to it, is a great name for a blog. I especially like it, because it solves the argument with my parents over whether Krukow is saying "stankeye" or "skankeye". Well, it wasn't an argument, so much as it was something we disagreed on for thirty seconds, two years ago, and then forgot to look up. Even though "skankeye" is clearly something you get if you're not careful when on shore leave, this new blog will go a long way toward settling things.

Mays Field is a grassroots effort to rename SBC Park to Mays Field. They will storm administration buildings, burn bras; you name it. You will also receive a tax write-off of $1000 just by visiting the site. Just check the "Thinks Grassroots Efforts are Good Things" box on your 1040, and it's, like, automatic, or something.

Though I never cared about the change from Pacific Bell Park to SBC Park, I was always put off by the fact it wasn't named Mays Field in the first place. If I were Paul Allen or Bill Gates, I would have bought the naming rights in 1999 instead of some corporation, and it would never have been Pac Bell Park in the first place. It just would have been Stamaysdium. It could have been worse.

The Mays Field fight is a good one, and the addition of a new voice to comment on the Giants is always welcome. Go check them out.

Also, as you've probably read, John Sickels has a new blog up at Sickels was the best thing ESPN had going for it, and they screwed it up. Great for us, too bad for them. As I wrote in an e-mail responding to the news, Sickels will definitely bring some dippable credibility to the blogging fondue party that was started with SportsBLOGS, inc. Welcome aboard.


What's the best thing baseball coverage has to offer now?

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