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Prizes! Prizes!

Kenshin1 worked up a good idea for a diary, taking people's over/under guesses for various Giant-related stats. The winner will win a free Giants hat, so check it out here. I'll throw in a prize of my own, too. The winner will also receive a Kirt Manwaring baseball card, with an autograph forged by myself.

You can quit pinching the guy next to you, because you're not dreaming. Seriously, stop it.

Here's another over/under to contemplate:

Number of times you are explaining the finer points of baseball to someone unfamiliar with the game, and just as you are getting to the part about Mike Matheny being the worst hitter since "Broken Clavicle" McGinn of the '02 Superbas, Matheny gets an important hit: 3
Go nuts.