over/under (a chance to win a prize)

I propose a little competition amongst us McCC readers ( Grant can participate too, if he so chooses).  

To Wit: The individual who correctly guesses the most number of over/unders will receive a free giants hat.

Catagory               Over/under
Armando Benitez saves:   40
Benitez blown saves:     6
Benitez VS Nathan ER's:  more/less

Barry Bonds OPS:         1.100
Barry Bonds GP:          125
Barry Bonds HR:          42
Bonds' Stolen Bases:     3

Noah Lowry Wins:        12
Noah Lowry ERA:         4.2
Noah Lowry IP:          185

Pedro Feliz PA's:       400
Pedro Feliz Hr's:       25
Pedro Feliz OBP:        .320

Omar Vizquel GP:        140
Omar Vizquel OPS:     Higher/lower than '04 Cruz
Omar Vizquel F%:        .985

Moises Alou HR's:       25
Moises Alou OPS:        .850
Moises Alou GP:         135

Jason Schmidt ERA:      2.9
Jason Schmidt Wins:     20
Jason Schimdt IP's:     210
Schmidt Pitches/start:  95
All-star game starter:  yes/no

Brett Tomko ERA:       4.0
Brett Tomko HRA:       15
Tomko Starts with fewer than 3 RA:  17

Grant postively refers to Matheny:  2
Grant negatively refers to Matheny: 27

Torrealba vs Matheny OPS differential: .100

Giants Wins:           90
Giants Pythag. rec.    88
Division Champs:   Dodgers/Padres/Giants/Rockies

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