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Quickly, on this slow news day....

Doug at Westwood Blues has a good article about Will Clark and the Hall of Fame up at his site. I can't figure out how to link just to that specific post, so you'll have to scroll down to the post from December 18th. His non-Will stuff is usually unintelligible nonsense, so scroll quickly. Once you get there, though, you'll find an entry that'll make you think, and some more fine links about Will's shot at the Hall. (Of course, I'm kidding with the above dig on Doug's writing. His nonsense is usually quite understandable.)(See, there I go again. I kid because I care.)

Keeping with the memorabilia theme from yesterday, I offer an almost-relevant anecdote. I sent Will Clark a self-addressed, stamped postcard back in 1986. It was a postcard with a portrait of Will on the front, with the idea being he would sign it and drop it in the mail. Sure enough, the postcard came just a couple of weeks later, with a personalized autograph...and the postmark stamped right on his face.

Looking back, it had to have been a Dodger fan working at the post office. The postmarks on postcards are almost always stamped on the side without a picture, and the postmark was centered a bit too perfectly over his face. So, bravo, Mr. or Mrs. Dodger Fan. You got me. If there is anything resembling justice in this world, the drifter I stabbed in a knife fight outside of a Barstow tavern was your son.

Comment starter: What's your favorite piece of Giants memorabilia/merchandise? I love my Smokey the Bear/cartoon Atlee Hammaker poster, but nothing can top my bobblehead with Charlie Brown in a Giants uniform.