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Nude Pictures of Jessica Alba

The idea tank is running on fumes, so just a couple of notes:

  1. El Lefty Malo has the right idea about Bill Mueller. It really isn't worth gettin' the undies knotted up over, and his post takes us through some graduate-level deductive reasoning as to why we should boo Bill Mueller. Boooooo! Booooooooo!
  2. Baseball America covered the Giants today with a nice chat, and it's worth checking out. It's for subscribers only, but I highly recommend subscribing to BA. I just - finally - renewed my subscription to get in on the chat, so now I can be all smug about it. You mean you don't subscribe? Whatever, man. I thought you were a real fan, but it takes all kinds....

    I'll also post a mini-interview Stephen Shelby did with John Manual over the weekend, so it will have a couple of days to preen for comments. Hopefully, there isn't a trade to deflect attention from it this time.

  3. Josh - who actually works at a bait shop in Minnesota, and has never done a Jello shooter with Shane Black or Scott Frank like his screen name implies - has a great diary here. Now, he's a little sensitive, and if all don't rave about this one he might not continue the series. So let's all read it, and praise his work even if you don't think he deserves it.
Comment starter: The Giants need a backup catcher, backup infielder, fifth starter, and some sort of first or third baseman combination. Give names as to who you want, and get as creative as you'd like. Something like:
1. Yamid Haad 2. Rich Aurilia 3. Jason Jennings 4. Sweeney/Niekro/Feliz
If you want to expand the ideas, go nuts. Let's see what dark roster preferences y'all are hiding....