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Oh, say, can you see this guy in our lineup?

The trade of Josh Beckett and Edgardo East to the Red Sox signals the start of yet another Marlin fire sale. If you could pass the tissue, I seem to have nothing in my eye. Without two world championships, it would be easy to feel sorry for Marlin fan. Add in the rings, and the fact they stepped over Giant cadavers to get them, and the sympathy factor drops exponentially.

So it isn't the least bit ghoulish to me to start picking through the estate sale. And I want Carlos Delgado. I want him I want him I want him I want him. I will hold my breath until I turn blue, I will kick my feet on the ground, and I will point to the bad area of the doll when the authorities start asking questions. But the authorities won't have to get involved if I get what I want. And I want Carlos Delgado.

Similar problems exist between Delgado and Jim Thome. Older first-basemen not blessed with blazing speed and athleticism tend to age poorly. Thome is already showing signs of breaking down. Delgado is not, and that's a huge reason why the Marlins aren't going to have to eat salary to trade him, while the Phillies only wish they were so lucky. Delgado is coming off a fantastic year.

The Marlins aren't going to necessarily get a stupendous package of talent from the acquiring team, either. Delgado's contract over the next three years is substantial, and that cuts into his value on the market. But before we have visions of legally changing Jason Ellison's name to Semi Pierre, slapping a bow on him, and sending him over in a straight-up deal, it should be pointed out there is competition for Delgado's services. The Orioles, Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers are all linked to him in different reports, and they can all put together some interesting deals if it becomes competitive.

Another factor that makes the idea of acquiring Delgado seem improbable: the Giants aren't even going to explore this option. There's no link to go with that assertion. Just a hunch. The Giants have repeatedly demonstrated an organizational philosophy that is averse to paying for stars. This is a quantity vs. quality argument known as the Geddina Lee philosophy, which applies...: people who would prefer to sleep with ten women who look like Geddy Lee, rather than sleep with one woman who looks like Charlize Theron.1

1.Source: Sigmund Freud, The Complete Works (Director's Cut)

Vladimir Guerrero? Nah. Better to spend those millions on a plethora of mediocre players like Michael Tucker and Brett Tomko. While the philosophy might seem silly, especially when applying it to a player like Vlad, it can make sense at times. There's still a lot of youth left in Carlos Beltran, but last year he sure didn't hit like someone worth a substantial portion of a team's budget.

However, the Giants need some serious help on offense, and they can not afford to monkey around with the idea of Mark Sweeneys and Daryle Wards to take over first base. Delgado's contract represents a smaller risk than Thome's, and only a great hitter like Delgado can help this team in any drastic way. Not an okay hitter, but a great hitter is what will be needed for the 30+ games that Bonds will sit out if we're lucky, and a great hitter is what would properly complement Bonds when he's in.

The Giants don't have the talent to trade for cheap and great, so they'll have to settle for pricey and great. That's the consequence of a decades-long farm system slump, but at least there's an out. It's Carlos Delgado, he's the reason I've changed my mind about how to fix this team for the 53rd time, and I'll pout when the Giants don't get him.