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Aubrey Huff seems to be a popular name 'round these parts. He can hit for power from the left side, which is exactly what the Giants are looking for, so it is a great fit on the surface. He's also a versatile defender, as he isn't only limited to first base. He can also play the outfield as well as Glenallen Hill, and handle third base just as well as Bob Brenly did. You can't put a price on that kind of versatility.

Where Lyle Overbay isn't going to be worth the bounty he'll bring the Brewers, Huff comes closer to living up to his perceived trade value. He will still, however, cost a major league team several of their best young players. There will not be a shortage of teams looking to add a player like Huff, and most of them will be in a better position than the Giants to do so. Brian Sabean might get hung up around "unt..." if he tries to utter the sentence, "Matt Cain is untouchable."

Another huge difference between Overbay and Huff is their value to the business side of their franchises. Overbay is a popular player. Huff is the best player in Devil Rays history, and the only marquee player on a team desperate for the Tampa community to care about them. The Devil Rays just announced they aren't going to charge for parking next year, and that's the tip of the apathy iceberg. Even if Delmon Young is ready to step in for Huff, the box office might not be. The only way Huff should be traded is if the Rays can turn around to their fans and hold up a majors-ready trophy from the deal. Cain or Noah Lowry would work. Eddy Martinez-Esteve would not.

It would be a hard adjustment for Giants fans if the team acquired Huff. They'd go from watching a defender at first like J.T. Snow, to watching a defender at first who plays as if he has a bronze bust of J.T. Snow down each leg of his pants. The hitting would more than make up for it, though, as the Giants would put up with a lot of miscues for a 3-4-5 of Huff/Bonds/Alou. Unfortunately, unless the Devil Rays really, really decide to go cheap, there is no way for the Giants can get him without giving up Lowry or Cain. There are just too many teams who could outbid the Giants.

If you think that post was comprised of bad news, try not to think of where a package starting with Jerome Williams could have led in Huff talks before the start of last season. Heck, even in this offseason. Yick.