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A block of Thin!

The problem with forgetting this season ever happened is that just leaves us remembering 2004, when man-buzzard Steve Finley broke our hearts. And if you forget about 2004 and 2005, that just leaves you with 2003, when Jose Cruz Jr. goated up the joint. And if you forget about 2003, well, the next in line is 2001, when the Giants wasted historic seasons from Barry Bonds and Rich Aurilia both. Completely ignoring or forgetting about a season can't be done in a cavalier fashion; only the most deflating and heartbreaking seasons deserve the honor. This wasn't one of those seasons. It was disappointing, yes, but it's hard to really foam at the mouth about this particular dud.

So if we can't forget, we have to examine. What should be the topics of discussion around these parts during the offseason? The obvious ideas:

  1. Top ten prospects, now with each prospect getting their own day of discussion.
  2. Position by position recap of the season.
  3. In-depth analysis attempts of possible free agent acquisitions.
  4. Apologetic posts detailing why you shouldn't expect in-depth analysis, and how I'm doing the best I can.
  5. A breakdown of how the team was built, and review of Brian Sabean's tenure.
  6. Pictures of cats. There are about 150 days until the Giants play again. That's at least 150 cats. Maybe I'll dress them in funny outfits.
Whatever you can think of on this, an All Request Monday. I'll start working on it for tomorrow.