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There were three things preventing me from providing the quality baseball-related content you are used to. First, you aren't used to quality baseball-related content from this site. Second, I was sick as a dog yesterday. Wait, that's a tired saying. How about, "sick as the people who are constantly finding my site by entering 'shirtless Dustin Hermanson' into Google, of which there are several"? Brrrrr. Now that's sick.

The third, and most important, factor in my not getting a post of substance up today, is that the Pacifica Library is closed on Fridays. I wrote a post about "AT&T Park", but it is doomed to languish on my laptop until I can get to a WiFi connection. I'm writing this brief snippet at work right now, braving the corporate sentries who can remotely view what is on my computer screen at any moment.

Until I can write more, I'll have to come up with a comment starter: Uh, so, like, baseball's over? Damn.