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I can quit whenever I want to....

It's just a few short steps from the site you're currently used to, to a site you don't care to recognize. Every post idea entering my head has something to do with A.J. Pierzynski. It's just a few short steps to Pierzynski Chronicles, where we talk Enquirer-style about daily Pierzynski gossip.

Pierzynski/Jolie Watch: Day 23

A.J. Pierzynski is still not dating Angelina Jolie. This is still good, because I still don't like the guy. Check back tomorrow for another update of the Pierzynski/Jolie Watch.

That format could only sate the obsession for a while. Soon, we'd have to go with Weekly World News-style articles, and headlines like:
Scientists Create Pierzynski Clone With Eight Legs!

DNA manipulated to improve crotch-kicking ability by 300%

So this post will have nothing to do with Pierzynski. Good thing, too. Instead, I'll ask for all of your experiences meeting Giants in the real world. One of my college roommates once got her foot caught in a revolving door, and Flavor Flav, who had no idea, kept trying to push his way through on the other side. Apparently, it was quite a painful experience. That has nothing to do with the Giants, but might be the best celebrity encounter I've ever heard.

My list of encounters:

  1. When I was six or seven, Johnny LeMaster came into the Redwood City Kaiser pediatric wing. I actually recognized the guy. My parents should have made the decision to send me to military school right then. If not, they should at least have looked into having me sterilized.
  2. My mother collects the same Madame Alexander dolls as Bill Laskey, and sees him at the same sale every year. Laskey claims they are for his daughter. You be the judge.
  3. Darren Lewis lived six doors down from me for a short time. He once went out of his way to do a phone interview with me for one of my high school projects. I repeatedly confused his biography with Royce Clayton's during the entire interview. My sports journalism career was off to a great start.
There have to be some better stories than those out there. Do tell.