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ALCS/NLCS Open Thread, II

Comment starter prompted by the controversy last night: Say the Giants are at home in the seventh game of the World Series, and in the ninth inning. There are two outs, runners at second and third, with the Giants down by a single run. Clutch god Mike Matheny hits a broken bat blooper to centerfield. The centerfielder dives, and traps the ball. Both runners score easily. The umpire blows the call, and says it's a catch, season over, though replays will definitively show it was a trap.

What do you think MLB would do? Stand by the clear losers of the World Series, and award them the trophy? Say this situation supercedes the "no instant replay" policy, and reverse the call? You'd have to think there's a dusty folder with a contingency plan somewhere in Selig's office.