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Open Gameday Thread, 10/1 & 10/2

I'll be out of town for the weekend, so use this as the gameday thread for the final two games. Weekends are usually mellow, even in the part of the season where the Giants were "contending".

Randy Winn. I hope you saved the receipt, because this is the wrong season to sell your soul. Wait, that'd mean Satan would have the receipt. Oh, you're pretty much screwed, Randy.

Brian Johnson, 1997 - 179 AB, 11 HR, .279/.333/.525,

Joe Carter, 1998 - 105 AB, 7 HR, .295/.322/.562

Kevin Mitchell, 1987 - 268 AB, 15 HR, .306/.376/.530

Randy Winn, 2005 - 222 AB, 14 HR, .360/.393/.680

So Randy Winn is having what may be the best post-trade run in Giants history. We're all very happy for him, but for the love of all that is holy, he doesn't have this kind of power. Joe Carter and Kevin Mitchell? Sure, whatever. Brian Johnson? Uhh, yeah, that's a stretch, but I can kind of believe it. Randy Winn has tied his career high for homers, and that's only if you count the two months he has been a Giant.

Freaky. And I'm curious if it is proper and decent to laugh at the sponsor to Boogie Bear's Baseball Reference page. The story is probably a crock, but the sponsor still made me giggle. I feel ashamed.